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Victoria 14th Feb 2018 Activity Coordinator
Do any of you have resident's profiles posted in their rooms as talking points for nursing staff or volunteers to use? I would like to have something printed that I can fill in blanks to display in each resident's room. Hello, my name is_______. I grew up in________. My hobbies are________. etc. I am looking for ideas.
Sheri 15th Feb 2018 PCAP/OTA
I have worked in homes that do have residents likes etc posted on the back of the door.. they have things ' i like to be called..." I lke.... lipstick / makeup/ (certain activties), family that visit me are... my occupation was.. i grew up in ... my favourite colour is.. i dont like... please share my photo book ( some care recipients have a book with family memories and name in it)
Maude 15th Feb 2018 Leisure therapist
Hi Victoria,
This is an example of one I did for a resident. I removed the name and personal informations but keep the big lines to give you an idea !
Abi 20th Feb 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, we do a 'welcome letter' when we have a new admission. it follows the rough format of:
Please welcome Jane Smith to Room 1!
Jane was born in -- and went to -- school. after school she worked as a -- before leaving to raise her family. Jane married Bob and they have 3 children; Mary, Tom and Joe. Jane likes knitting, reading the newspaper every day and watching the Bold & the Beautiful. Jane would like to attend exercises, quizzes, ladies group and concerts. Jane's goal for her time here is to make friends and feel safe.
Please make Jane feel welcome at our home!

the letter has a few more details than above, just 1 page and has a photo of the resident and is displayed in our staff room from usually day 2 of her admission.
Sharon 21st Feb 2018 Diversional Therapist
We use this, and we made one similar that is a tree, so the ladies have flowers and the gents have trees.
Claire 19th May 2021 Activity Coordinator
I chose something that was personal to my residents and just used a single sentence. It has gone down extremely well with the resident and their families :-) I used iPages and customised screenshots to get images that supported my personal sentences.

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