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JoAnn 3rd Mar 2018
I played the paint chip colour match game with my mom. What a great idea. She has some vision issues, so I thought it was great when she was successful at matching every one of them. We also played finish the phrase. It was a hoot. Got most of them right and had a few laughs at the ones we got wrong.
What great activity ideas!
Talita 3rd Mar 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Joann! So glad we could help you!
Lisa 4th Mar 2018 Carer
what is this game please
Talita 4th Mar 2018
JoAnn 4th Mar 2018
One is finish the phrase, the other is colour match -up (you go and get large paint chips from the hardware, or paint store. Get 2 of each colour. I put about 8 down in a row, then gave my mom a pile of 8 and she was able to match them. Just do a few at a time.
The other game we played was the word association......salt and ............,
Fish and ..............., wine and cheese............. All the of the people in the room enjoyed playing.

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