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Allison 15th Mar 2018 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I am looking for ideas for a gentleman in our assisted living facility who has limited movement with his hands & feet. He sits in his wheelchair most of the day and just scoots himself up & down the hallways. His cognitive abilities are limited as well but his speech is good. I'm looking for activities that he can do throughout the day, that he can do himself, in between group activities. I want him to feel he has a purpose/place in our care, and right now I feel like he's lost and could use some direction to help put a spark back in his eye. I am new to this profession (1 month in). Thank you & I'm so glad I found this website, it has been so helpful thus far!
Kim 20th Mar 2018 Registered Nurse
depending on his limitations, could you try him at folding tea towels, colouring in, sorting buttons or other items. impress on him how this would help you do your job or save you time.can you access volunteers to sit and chat with him at certain times of the day.

Ema 21st Mar 2018 Activities Coordinator
Good idea Kim, what I did was looked at his past history of what he used to do this may be in his file or a family or friend member have a chat with them and see what you can do to reintroduce. One gentleman that I help is i have asked for help in filling bird feeders I bring in the empty feeders and fill them with seeds. Then place them where he can see them. I tend to do this once a week, there for sometimes in empty them out and start again.

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