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Michele 26th Mar 2018 Activity Director
Hello everyone. I am an activity director in Baltimore Maryland. I work at a facility that is dedication to nuns only. I just wanted to say hi to you all.
Morgan 28th Mar 2018 Activity Director
Hi Michele! What a small world, I am the activity coordinator in a facility in rural WI that is run by nuns from out East! I wonder if they are connected in some way?
Nori 28th Mar 2018
Hi Michele and Morgan! I have a joke for you to tell your nuns: "What do you call a sleepwalking nun?"
-a roamin' Catholic

:) Hope this brings a smile or two.
Michele 28th Mar 2018 Activity Director
Hi Morgan,
The facility is The School Sisters of Notre Dame. What Order do you work for?

Michele 28th Mar 2018 Activity Director
Hi Nori,
Lol that's cute, thanks.

Erica 10th Apr 2018 Activities Director
Hi Michelle!
I also work in a facility for Sisters only...Congregation of St. Joseph. I believe the average age here is 93 years (I have only worked here for two months now. The Activities Director position is new to the Wheeling Center). Although age and the fact that the position is new may be the reason, I am having difficulty getting a large group of Sisters to attend any activity. We have had guest speakers, crafts, outings, etc...but for the most part, I average about two Sister per event. Do you have any suggestions that may help me? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!

Michele 18th Apr 2018 Activity Director
Hi Erica,
I have the same problem. Their whole life was dedicated to mission and prayer. Take a survey and ask them 3 to 5 questions about the activities dept. Do they know where the activities are,
can they get to the activities or do they need assistance, are the scheduled activities interesting if not ask them what they like; physical bean bag toss or word games; a large crossword puzzle that can be done in a group. Start with a coffee chat in the mornings and maybe another activity before Mass and one after lunch.

God luck, let me know how it turns out
Morgan 18th Apr 2018 Activity Director

The order that I work with is the Sisters of Charity Our Mother of the Church. And have you (Michele and Erica) tried service activities? Like making cookies together to bring to the police departments and EMT, or had a clothing drive for homeless shelters? Maybe since the Sisters dedicate their lives to service they would enjoy a service project? Or maybe flower arranging for their chapel as an activity? Making Rosary beads to donate to Catholic Schools in the area?

Just some thoughts, I do not have any Sisters as residents currently, but I do spend time with them as they work at the Manor where I work.

Good luck ladies!
Kim 20th Apr 2018 Registered Nurse
Have you asked them what would interest them. I work in an age care facility in Australia and I have a group of ladies who knit Trauma Teddies, they give these to the police, ambulance and the local hospital's pathology dept. for when they have frightened children. They also knit cot blankets bonnets , booties and mittens for the maternity ward as well as beanies or hats for the children's ward. Maybe by being creative and giving to their community you may inspire them. They could even make it a group activity and you could take some of your Sisters to deliver them. Keep on trying even if you increase participation by just one, more will follow. Good luck and keep up the good work.

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