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Jennifer 14th Apr 2018 RAO
Ideas for simple Mothers' Day presents for the residents that are useful and enjoyable please?
Janet 17th Apr 2018 Coordinator, Adult Day Center
How about a nice lip balm with a ribbon tied around it? Little lotions are always nice too. I have a tiny tiny budget so I can't get them very much. Picture frames are always nice, but can get expensive too. Good luck!
Maude 17th Apr 2018 Leisure therapist
Hand lotion, photos books, treats like chocolate rose.
Lesley Anne 19th Apr 2018 Diversional Therapist
hand made can get the craf group to make them..or you can make them with the resident...create a card one page ...and get some to colour it...make a book mark or print a saying...on it decorate a frame around it...

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