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Linda 26th Apr 2018 Activity Organiser
Hi has anyone got ideas for the royal wedding that I can try with my residents x
Talita 29th Apr 2018
Hi Linda, we have a few activity ideas for the Royal wedding on the website, not sure if you've seen these:
Jean 3rd May 2018 Activities Coordinator
I will get the residents to ice and decorate cup cakes. I bought a pack of rice paper cake toppers especially designed for the royal wedding and will use them to decorate. I keep things simple and will just buy ready made cup cakes but if you do have people who can bake perhaps they can do a batch for you. you can add to this activity by getting them to decorate paper plates to put their cup cakes on. We will culminate everything by having a buffet lunch while watching the wedding on TV.
Linda 4th May 2018 Activity Organiser
Thanks for the ideas x
Claudia 8th May 2018 PCA/ Lifestyle Coordinator
we made tiaras and top hats in craft our residents had fun decorating them, and we will hold a high tea complete with a" wedding cake" and the residents tents wearing their creations to celebrate the royal wedding

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