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Nori 17th May 2018 Activity Director
Hello everyone! I am interested in setting up a trolley or cart with which to offer my Assisted Living Tenants a kind of convenience store where they can purchase snacks, laundry detergent, postage stamps, etc. Has anyone else done this (or something similar)? What has been your experience?
Solange 17th May 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Nori, many facilities have a shopping trolley these days. Though I have only worked in one facility with the trolley and in those days (2003) sweets, biscuits, and cookies were very popular. I am sure the current Shopping Trolleys would not put emphasis on those items anymore. It is definitely a great novelty for clients and their relatives, and visitors. The room to room visits means clients resting or sick can also take advantage of it. Items for Shopping Trolley: shower gels, shampoo, mints, stamps, homemade soaps, homemade treats, coms, brushes, popular magazines, daily newspaper, nail clippers, handkerchiefs, bobby pins, Sherry. Good luck!
Colleen 9th Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, I introduced 'DOLLY'S TROLLEY TUESDAYS' in my previous worklplace resthome. Every week i would wheel my loaded trolley to each room/each wing. Residents began to really look forward to this social 1-1 visit....and to see what exciting items i had to offer on the day! I always made sure i was well stocked with reasonably priced under $5 items such as : biscuits, sweet packets, soap bars/flo soap, shampoos& conditioners, hearing aid batteries, combs, custard and fruit pots, toothpaste, tissues, jelly pots, sometimes fruit in season, small diet lemonade bottles etc etc. I did, of course discuss this idea with my Clinical Manager first, and always re=reminded Residents & staff of this opportunity to purchase, at Resident & Staff meetings. Staff were wonderful @ reminding residents when they were getting down on things they knew were required - or just enjoyed as a treat!. Best service ever one resident stated! Well worth trying, and in keeping prices low, these were still affordable purchases for my Residents. I used to just add on a 50c surcharge on each item, so that this xtra money could slowly build up the 'kitty'. Go on - give it a go!

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