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Claire 4th Jun 2018 Tecaher
I want to play musical bingo with my group. When I was planning my activities a few months ago I found a resource- which I'm sure was on here but I cant find it now. It was a list of appropriate songs and all their lyrics (someone had spent long time creating it.) Does anyone know where it is? My group is called Young at Heart and I run it with teenagers- I hoped the teenagers could sing the song (maybe with my help!) then the older members join in once they recognise it and mark off on their bingo card. Please help!!!!
Talita 4th Jun 2018
Hi Claire, I think this is what you may be after:
Claire 4th Jun 2018 Tecaher
Thank you so much Talita- that's it!! So pleased to have got it- my group are going to love it- thanks so much!
Khelie 6th Jun 2018
I'm embarrassed to ask but how does this work ? In bingo form?
Claire 7th Jun 2018 Tecaher
Khelie- I’m going to make each member a board with 8 songs titles on- all slightly different. Then will randomly sing each of the songs- if they hear a song on their board they can cross it off- first to cross off all 8 of their songs is the winner. I’m hoping that as I sing the songs they will recognise it and join in the singing with me. Hope that helps

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