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Jane 17th Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Everyone
I have just started working as a DT in an aged care facility and we are having a BBQ lunch and have invited the families along. It isn’t a huge event like a family fun day but I wanted some sort of entertainment so I thought of a roving Magician. I was excited about the idea but they are costly and some have hinted that they sometimes get a mixed reaction in Aged Care centres. Does anyone have experience with Magicians coming in?
Lowana 18th Jun 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Manager
Hi Jane,
We have had a musician/comedian come to our facility to do a show. This one in particular was a little crude, but the residents really enjoyed the show!
Patricia 19th Jun 2018 Recreation Therapist (Coordinator)
Hi Jane,

We celebrated our 60th anniversary of our facility and I too wanted a little bit of a different entertainment.
We had music after our BBQ lunch was completed. However, I decided to do something different and hired a magician. He went from table to table outside and in .. I was leary that people would think he was not age appropriate. So , prior to him coming we had a lengthy discussion in regards to the people he would be seeing and performing for. My Director General was also hesitant .

This magician was very professional - He really did some amazing tricks and almost illusionist type performances. We still cant figure out some things he did.

All that to say, you need to discuss with your entertainers on how to plan and approach their audience and it can be a great success.

Good luck!!!
Quebec, Canada

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