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Michelle 20th Jun 2018 Activity Director
Does anyone do a sports stats board? I have had male residents request something like this. They want something to keep track of who's playing when and scores. Open to any ideas on the subject.
Mike 24th Jun 2018 Owner
Maybe suggest the ones that thought of it create a board of sorts. Two birds with one stone. They are getting what they want and have something they can do to contribute.
Talita 25th Jun 2018
This is a great question to ask on our facebook group too Michelle, give that a go1
Nori 7th Jul 2018
A friend of mine who formerly coached college and high school basketball was more than happy to work with some of my tenants when they wanted a "pool" for basketball tournaments. Perhaps you could ask a local coach to help? Here in the USA we have sports-themed bars and restaurants that often create just the type of boards you're asking about. Do you have a similar local establishment? Maybe someone from there could help you and your tenants.
Michelle 12th Jul 2018 Activity Director
Thanks Nori I'm in the U.S. as well, I'll do some checking. Good idea with the tournament pool and coach too! I will definitely hit them up

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