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Sianne 25th Jun 2018 Activities Coordinator
Hi all, just wondered if anyone has any ideas for activities in this hot weather, want to get residents in the garden but don't think they'd really enjoy anything too strenuous in this heat?
Solange 26th Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sianna, I understand what you mean, elderly people bodies’ cannot adjust to high temperatures as well as younger people can. Even if sitting in the shade they may need standing fans to help them cope. Make sure they have lightweight clothes.
To counter dehydration you could offer Lemonade, Homemade Popsicles and ice cream. They could also make Fruit Kebabs: watermelon and other summer melons as well as their fruit of choice (use safety knives). I recommend that as far as entertainment goes it is better to stick to Quizzes, Riddles, Trivia, Music of choice, Reading Aloud, Sing-along, Tasting Competition, and also educational talks by guests, like Arthritis, Diet, Diabetes, Influenza, Falls.
Enjoy the summer!
Karen 28th Jun 2018 Lead Activity Co-ordinator
Are some of them sometimes reluctant to go out in this weather, because some of mine are! Do you get help in taking out some of the ones in wheelchairs? I thought you could get them outside and hold activities in the garden if they are up to that, such as art activities or anything like that. Think of some thing to persuade them and distract them for wanting to go outside, such as buying some tomato plants and getting them to water them.

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