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Karleena 2nd Jul 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
Good evening everyone.
I am in desperate need of some advice or even help
I have just started doing activities co-ordinator since OCT 2017 so im still on my training wheels (lol) is there any chance anyone is able to give me a few pointers on how I can find better exercise programs, also planning your monthly planner. im stuck
thank you in advance.
Lifestyle Manly 3rd Jul 2018 Lifestyle
What I did was google exercise for seniors and have organised different sessions for each day, for eg twice a week we use hand weights (all chair based) then we have a day where we use a theraband and then general chair aerobics. Google it and put a 20 minute program together that suits your residents, Lorena
Karleena 4th Jul 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
Thank you so much Lorena,
I really Appreciate it i will put this in action
i know the residents will love it
Elsa 4th Jul 2018 Activities Coordinator
I have found that using different forms of apparatus certainly engages residents in gentle exercise/ body magic sessions. These being silk scarfs, foil cheerleading pom poms, whish are attractive as they sparkle in the sun.
Using bubbles is also another great prop to use to gentle music, this encourages great use of the hands , arms and neck.
There may be local keep fit instructors, who leads classes for the elderly in the community you could may be talk with in planning your programme. There is always a family member or relative who may have contacts to
you tube also a good resource.

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