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Robyn 31st Jul 2018 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Hi can anyone give any suggestions. Our facility run a bus trip once a week. Sometimes it can be a challenge to motiviate our residents to want to attend. (We always have a good time - it's just challenging to get to the bus etc) Would anyone have any suggestions (carrot stick) to help encourage the long walk to the bus but also any activities to do whilst on the bus. We enjoy a sing a long and a commentary from the driver plus morning tea but any other suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you - Robyn
Molly 2nd Aug 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Robyn, you raise such a good point. It can be hard to motivate someone because the trip to the bus is a trip in itself. On the way to the bus, maybe play some trivia and have a bit of a competition (especially great if you can pair up support staff walking with the residents) and maybe the resident who gets the most trivia questions right gets to pick a place to go on the drive On the bus, how about joke telling? You can have the residents tell their funniest or silliest joke or try some of these ideas from Golden Carers
Susan 2nd Aug 2018 Activity Director
I commend you for having a bus trip every week it is a lot of work I am sure
I am surprised that residents do not want to attend because it gives them a chance to get out
Is there a cost involved ??
Do you have a destination in mind ??
Going out to eat is always something residents want to do even if it's just to McDonald's
Maybe you can get ice cream someplace
You could go to a shopping center so they can get supplies
I hope this helps
Catalina 4th Aug 2018
Good morning, of course is a challenge a bus trip with residents. we prepared them and let them know where we going we gave them couple options eg; eat or shop sometimes they want both and then its our challenge to the mall. or library close to mcdonald or burger king .
They just want to get out of the facility and after all we are all happy.

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