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Angie 21st Aug 2018 Activities Coordinator
Ive a new activity Coordinator. Ive held small activities within the home i work in .
Im now going to hold my first large Activity. A Fun Dog Show ..
I have 10 Categories, .
Looking for a vet to judge .
Rosettes on order
Advert in progress .
*Need help with Disclaimer *
Has anyone else held a dog show ? What am i missing ?
Comments & help most welcome !

Susan 22nd Aug 2018 Activity Director
I don't know of any vets you could use but why not ask a family member to be the judge.Ask someone who does not have a dog in the show so there's no favoritism
This is a pretty big task for your first big group
Try having some musical entertainment because you can usually get a big group to come to that and it's not that much work on your part. may even be able to find a family member or someone from the community to volunteer
Molly 22nd Aug 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
A dog show sounds like so much fun, Angie! Congratulations on your new role and kudos that you are branching out to larger activities! Here are a few thoughts: Have the residents choose the categories (i.e., best tail wag), have the staff walk the dogs on the leash as they do on TV, 3. Take a ton of pictures and create a memory board after the event! 4. In preparation, maybe make dog biscuits in a cooking group. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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