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Deborah 26th Aug 2018 Pal
How do you get the careers to bring the residents to the activity. Iv tried activity timetables and we have activity displays but still no joy
Susan 26th Aug 2018 Activity Director
This is a tough problem but tell the carers the advantage of bringing people to the activity this makes it easier for them because you are entertaining the residents so they do not have to
If that does not work have a competition and say
that the one who brings the most residents to an activity wins a small prize
Hopefully they will get the idea and you won't have to give out prizes all of the time
The last option is to punish those who do not bring residents to the activity
I hope this helps
Molly 26th Aug 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Great ideas, Susan! It really can be a struggle. I've also notified the charge nurse of the daily activities so that she could bring it up in their morning meeting.
Jean 28th Aug 2018 Activities Coordinator
I had difficulty getting the residents, most of whom have dementia, together after lunch so started serving tea and coffee in the lounge after lunch. They responded well to this and I now get a decent size group gathering there motivated by the thought of a cup of tea.
Susan 28th Aug 2018 Activity Director
Good idea Jean. I find food to be a great motivator.
Joelle 28th Aug 2018 Activity Director
I also have a hard time getting the residents on my own and I’m not only the director of activities but I’m the only activities person for 57 residents in assisted living and I learned that to create a great working environment and support is by getting to know our cna’s caregivers. We laugh and talk. I encourage them to join us for the activities and they do! I am interested in their wellbeing just as much as my residents. I know that’s part of their job to help engage and bring residents, but I cannot make it without their help!
Morag 11th Sep 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, I don't think punishing fellow workers will achieve anything. Take time to talk to the carers and find out how they feel about what you are asking them to do. let them know how you feel and maybe you can all come to a compromise. The carers are there for the same reasons you are. I find treating others as equals is the best way to get help when you need it.

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