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Beata 31st Aug 2018 Student
Any examples of goals and objectives for spiritual dimension
Solange 2nd Sep 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Beata, Spiritual dimension relates to the quality of life and overall sense of the health of your clients. It is the search for life’s meaning, and purpose through nature, relationships, or God. From the premise of caring for elders, it is the religious or secular support you extend to them when illness and weakness precipitate spiritual distress. Your support, empathy, and kindness help them through. Giving time and listening to them is at the root of good spiritual practice. You may also use, meaningful religious ritual (if applied), the arts, garden contemplation, life story, reminiscing to assist them to come to terms with their problems.

Choose the spiritual care you wish to give and update the Care Plan with your desired outcomes. The Care Plan update should include what sort of spiritual assistance you are giving to the client’s family: respectful and empathetic communication, sympathy, comfort, time, etc. Here is an example:


Identify spiritual needs - ( need to talk, need for prayer, need for church music, etc)
Identify the severity of distress - (family visits, psychotherapeutic intervention)


1:1 attention for half an hour daily to reminisce youth, look at the family photo album
Minister of religion will visit weekly
Will enjoy church music with radio/IPad placed in the bedroom

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