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Sue 3rd Sep 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Good afternoon,
I have been asked to do a short survey around food specifically in regards to different cultures. I have never had to do a survey before, any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Sue
Susan 4th Sep 2018 Activity Director
Will, you be asking the staff, residents or both??
When I used to do surveys, I made a card with several questions on it. Asked the respondents to fill out the answers and return the card to a designated person by a determined date.
Sometimes, I did the survey as part of a group activity.

I put all the returned cards in a box and picked one card and gave this person a small prize as an incentive to return the completed cards
Anita 27th Dec 2019 Activity Officer
as part of my role as activity officer apart from doing leisure activity survey I also have to do food/meal survey 2x yearly this year iam at lost of what to write or ask for the food survey form . please anyone or golden carer do you have a template that I could use as a pattern
much appreciated, cheers for coming new year
Susan 28th Dec 2019 Activity Director
Hi Anita
I do not have a specific food evaluation survey but I would get to gether with the food service director and the dietician and maybe even with the speech therapist and a carer because all of them will have important input as to what to ask Every facility is different with a different mix of residents
Maybe the governing body has some information
I know when we had the annual survey the surveyers asked specific questions of the residents
Good luck

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