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Regis Tiwi Gardens Day Respite Service 18th Sep 2018
I would just like to thank you all for your many hours of hard work in presenting us with such a wonderful variety of activities ,My clients really enjoy this day in history , I have mastered a new technique when reading out the sheet I pause in places so clients can answer or add to the day ,ask them to sing the songs ,if they know them ,Always say this is the funny of the day, (bottom Left)Always ask my clients how many times married ,as this adds to the activity ,If clients knows the actor ,they tell me what films the actors are in .This is so rewarding .Special thanks Katrina
Talita 18th Sep 2018
Thank you so very much for your feedback Katrina! It was so interesting to hear how you use the This Day in History publication - it sounds like you have turned it into a wonderful activity! Thank you so much for your kind words!!

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