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Cynthia 20th Sep 2018
Any activities for kindergartens and seniors please?
Molly 23rd Sep 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Cynthia!

Intergenerational Activities are always so much fun! Something magical occurs when the two generations unite. Here are some great activity ideas I've found here on Golden Carers:
Cynthia 24th Sep 2018
Thanks, Molly!
Linda 25th Sep 2018 Recreation Therapist
Activities for children visiting the residents in Aged Care Facilities
The children learn from the residents. They visit the residents in their rooms. They have learnt to knock on the door open the door and greeting the resident with good morning
Boys shake hands with the male residents on greeting them
I had this week the children write the first letter of their name onto a white piece of paper they then asked the residents what the letter was and then for word starting the letter
everyone enjoys the visits, young and old this activity visit is for 30 minutes
the children tire and loose focus
this is for Cynthia good luck!
Cynthia 27th Sep 2018
Thanks, Linda!

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