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Melanie 12th Oct 2018 Program Manager
USA here. How are fellow Americans celebrating Veterans day? I'm in a week day day care facility so we'll likely celebrate the Monday the 12th.
Molly 13th Oct 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Melanie, our Veterans day party is a big one. We send out invites to family, print and frame certificates, decorate the room with the various branches, and invite local ROTC and National Gaurd in to open the party. One year we even invited the local news team out and they interviewed some of the residents, and they all really got a kick out of that!
Melanie 19th Oct 2018 Program Manager
What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing! I think we are for sure going to pack some hygiene care bags for homeless vets. I'll have to call around for a ROTC to come. My members would get a kick out of that.
Susan 19th Oct 2018 Activity Director
Hi Melanie
We honored our veterans twice a year for both Veterans Day and memorial day
I invited a veteran or a group of veterans from the community to lead the celebration
Sometimes I even invited grade schoolers to witness the event and take part somehow
All the veteran shared their stories
And I opened it up to audience members who had family or friends that were in the military which included almost everybody
Everyone has a great story to tell
If I had grade schoolers there they would pass out a certificate thanking the veterans for their service
I also passed out certificates to the audience members for knowing someone in the service or for keeping the home fires burning
We then sang patriotic songs
The verterans from the community and I would visit veteran residents who were unable to
come to the group celebration
I would send pictures of the local newspaper that they printed most often

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