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Kaimraj 23rd Oct 2018 Recreation Assistant
Are there any new books on trivia
Susan 24th Oct 2018 Activity Director
You can find new trivia online or many triva ideas at Golden Carers
Meg 27th Oct 2018 Life Enrichment Director
We love playing NAME 5! its a board game, but we do it as a group.
Kaimraj 11th May 2019 Recreation Assistant
i am looking for trivia from the Caribbean ,We have over 20 plus from the Caribbean.
Molly 13th May 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Kaimraj,

Check out Golden Carers Trivia section There are so many options to choose from. Plus there is this island trivia that references the Caribbean
Rosemarie 23rd Oct 2021 Retired
I am looking for games for seniors that give them 3 words that have something in common
and they have to identify what it is.
Susan 23rd Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hi Rosemarie
Here is one game not quite what you’re looking for but you may enjoy this one
Here is one from the Internet
Each a combination of three words which
have something in common.
For example :
Pine tree, Compass, Phonograph
All have needles.
College graduates, Thermometer, Location on the globe
Mattress, Jump, Season of year
Television, Cricket Field, Windows
Greek building, Newspaper, Marching army
River, Nose, Denture
Ion, Credit card bill, Cavalry
Tennis player, Noisy party, Mafia Ring
July, Locker room, Blessings
Bed, Sandwich, Rumor
Crossword puzzle, Post office, Initials
There’s a game might like
And I have another one
This also might help you
Susan 24th Oct 2021 Activity Director
Hey again Rosemarie
I don’t know what the purpose is of you doing three of a kind game
I’m sure you could have your residents make up a game
Could even use pictures such as the ones on these cue cards
Let me know exactly what you have in mind

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