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Margaret 31st Oct 2018 Retiree
I am planning a Christmas lunch party for a group of Singaporean Chinese seniors and am looking for suggestion and ideas in terms of lunch menu and games
Solange 2nd Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Margaret
Traditional Chinese games that older people appreciate would be, a few yo-yos, if possible a table for Ping-Pong, Feather shuttlecock, Knucklebones or Jacks as it is better known in the West. Buy a couple of Chinese jacks and the residents will be delighted to show you how to play. If some residents have high functional abilities they will enjoy playing Badminton. Don’t forget to ask you, Chef, to provide Chinese finger food like Dim Sums, Wontons, Dumplings.
All the best of luck!
Molly 4th Nov 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
What wonderful ideas, Solange! Many of these I had no idea came from China. Margaret, I'm sure your residents will be so honored that you are providing activities that represent their background and culture.
Wendy 6th Nov 2018 Recreation therapist
Hi Margaret

Some of our Chinese residents love playing Mahjong (they are quite cognitive, not sure if you have same).

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