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Deborah 23rd Nov 2018 Lifestyle
Hi guys, thanks for such an informative site!

One of our residents today approached us and suggested an activity that involved bringing something from their younger years and talking about it. From how she described it, I suppose the child equivilent would be show and tell at school.

So as not to demean the residents by labelling it as that, I am looking at suggestions on how to "market" this day, and the best way to go about it. Any and all suggestions would be great!

Thanks in advance!
Solange 23rd Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Deborah - This is certainly a great activity in my experience. Here are two titles you may consider: Yesteryear Reflections - Recollections Flashback. Good luck!
Sandra 28th Nov 2018 Activities Coordinator
Hi Deborah,
Great idea,- Maybe :Show and tell from yesteryear", or "childhood memories".
We have a show and tell at the beginning of every Day Care session, and the clients bring all sorts of things in and a great story goes with it.
Amy 29th Nov 2018
We call this activity Personal Treasures. Very very nice :)
Molly 10th Dec 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
I love this activity idea! Such a fun way to reminisce and get to know a wonderful piece of everyone's past. All these activity name suggestions are great I was also thinking A Trip Down Memory Lane or A Piece of Treasured Past.

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