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Amy 5th Dec 2018 Activity Coordinator
Hello all,

I am working on my January calendar and I plan to do a "Let it snow" themed day. I have a couple of activities I plan to do such as making crystalized snowflakes, sugary tortilla snowflakes, Frost Bingo and possibly have a snowball fight with fake snowballs. I am wondering if anyone else has any cute ideas?

Molly 6th Dec 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Amy,

You have some great ideas already and sounds like you all will have a ton of fun. Keeping with the snow theme maybe you could make homemade snowglobes? All you would need are a small glass jar, a plastic figurine for decorations (maybe wintery trees), glitter, water, and hot glue or super glue. Glue the figurine to the inside part of the lid, add water and glitter to the jar, put the lid back on and superglue it shut, then turn it upside down and give it a good shake!

Have fun,

Susan 8th Dec 2018 Activity Director
national paper snowflake is December 27
This may be a good way to kick off your celebration
Here is a link to making a paper snowflake

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