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Amber 14th Dec 2018 Activity Director
Hey everyone! Next month is activities professionals week! What plans do yall have!!!

Id love to hear your ideas!
Susan 17th Dec 2018 Activity Director
Hi Amber and other actively professionals
For some reason I am not able to answer your post where you had it
I am sure most of you were thinking about Christmas
I am glad to see that Amber is thinking ahead to national activity professionals week
This is a perfect opportunity for you to show appreciation to your staff and others who help with activities
I like to have a special luncheon to honor these people
Does not have to be fancy but I think they will appreciate your thoughts
Molly 21st Dec 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Such a fun week for Activity staff! We would have luncheon's, too and we were even able to convince our DON to call Bingo or run another group activity, which was always fun for the rest of the activity staff to watch.

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