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David 9th Jan 2019 Care Worker
Hi everyone a happy new year to you all. I have just started a day Centre or a activity center for the over 50s the opening day went well but we didn’t get many re-bookings, we do a pick ups and drop off service and we provide a range of activities that are subsidized as we have opened a charity shop and all the profits go to the day center , does anyone have any suggestions please
Many thanks
Susan 10th Jan 2019 Activity Director
Hi David
First I need to know what the purpose of your center is
Then I need to know what type of client you were looking for
Do you subsidize the entire cost of the clients participation Or is it by need ??
Bingo is always a fun game for most seniors
Bunco is very popular as well
Any food related activity is also popular especially if it's free
Do you have money for advertising ??
It will take some time before your place becomes popular so be patient
Answer my questions and maybe I can be of some more help
Molly 10th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
That sounds wonderful, David! Congratulation on the new venture. Are you looking for activity suggestions or suggestions on how to get more people? I think the pickup and drop off service is opening the potential for so many people who regularly miss out on these sorts of opportunities. Maybe it is just getting the word out there? Do you have an online presence like facebook? Also, you could try notifying local newspaper to see if they will add a blurb in their newsletter?
David 11th Jan 2019 Care Worker
Hi all I’m trying to get more people through the door, there is a charge of 40€ but all other activities are paid for by the charity shop. With the charge for the day Centre we provide free transportation and lunch and light refreshments throughout the day
Verónica 11th Jan 2019 Educadora Social / Recreational Theraphy
Pienso que seria bueno Invertir en carteleria ( puedes hacerlo desde casa o desde el mismo centro, con la página web Canva se pueden hacer carteles maravillosos) y haz difusión en centros de salud, farmacias, centros de jubilados, bibliotecas.

Por otro lado, propón ahora en el inicio actividades que os den visibilidad en el barrio. Haz una página web o un Facebook que de visibilidad a vuestro centro. Y paciencia! supongo que es díficil el comienzo pero realmente son centros que hacen mucha falta, así que ya llegará...

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