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Tracie 17th Jan 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
i am looking for any suggestions for an activity in construction/building.I have a gentleman with level 2 dementia in our care home who used to be a plumber and engineer and we would like to make his day more constructive as well as taking him back to his working years by doing an activity that involves building.If anyone can sugeest anything including tools but not the childrens plastic ones i would love to hear from you.
Many thanks
Susan 18th Jan 2019 Activity Director
What comes to mind right away is using PVC pipe that you can get at home improvement stores can have them cut it into pieces and buy the Ts and the joints and whatever other connections they have and have the gentleman construct something with it
You can tell him you need to make a new sink connection or whatever you think is appropriate
I had many gentleman who like to do this I hope this works for you and him
Molly 18th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
I like the PVC pipe idea! We have sandpaper on hand and have our men who enjoy working help sand down our arts and crafts wood boxes.
Susan 19th Jan 2019 Activity Director
What do you think Tracie??
Tracie 21st Jan 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
Hi Susan i am going to give this a go i think its a great idea will let you know how we get on.Thankyou for the idea.
Brian 23rd Jan 2019
Hi Tracie you an get an old lawnmower engine from your local mower service center get them to clean it up can then put on table and spanners and sockets fun for hours.

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