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Katreena 23rd Jan 2019 Lifestyle Therapist
hi there, I am wanting to know if anyone has a good system for getting residents to and from activities which includes other staff helping. At the moment I do not have volunteers.
Susan 24th Jan 2019 Activity Director
How functional are the residents?
In other words are they physically capable getting to and from the Activity
Do they need reminders
How many residents are we talking about
I always had staff to help me
I will be writing an article about getting reluctant residents to an activity
Be on the lookout for it
Molly 28th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
I would always make sure to talk with the charge nurse before each shift. They can bring it up in their team meeting, and I would always have the staff to help. Though I have worked in places where the staff wasn't as engaged - In this case, I would tell and ask the aids and nurses on the floor directly, which helped build a repour with the staff, too.

Susan - what a great article idea. I look forward to reading it!

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