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Carla 6th Feb 2019 Activity Director
What do you have written as your policy and procedure for inroom visits?
Molly 6th Feb 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Carla,

We reserved in-room visits for individuals who did not make it out of the room at least once a day. We had to write the room visits into their care plan and specify how many room visits the individual would receive weekly. Fifteen minutes is what we considered a meaningful visit. It is also important to note that room visits need to be manageable by staff and the number that is recorded in the resident's care plan should always be met, which can sometimes be tricky if you don't have enough staff on hand. To ensure this, we counted visits from family members, friends, other staff members, and volunteers.
Susan 7th Feb 2019 Activity Director
Here is some information on: Golden Carers that might be helpful
Carla 8th Feb 2019 Activity Director
What are some of the key points you would add to your Plan of care for a tag received on In-rooms?
Molly 10th Feb 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Carla,

With a tag, they will most likely want to see actionable items that staff will have to complete. For instance,

Activities staff will provide 1:1 visits three times a week for 15 minutes each visit.

Resident enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching T.V. staff will provide new music, books, and movie options during 1:1 visits to ensure the resident maintains their preferred daily routine.

Activity staff will provide meaningful interactions during 1:1 visits by engaging the resident in conversation, reminiscing, or any other specific preferences the resident may have.

Activity staff has notified nurses, aids, and family members of the residents 1:1 schedule, and has offered in-room activity ideas that can be done while visiting or providing care.

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