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Susan 9th Apr 2012 Lifestyle Cordinator
Hi Catherine.
Engaging late stage dementia elders is challenging. Sensory stimulation is a great tool.
In regards to questions, I find that if you have a converstion with them, bringing in a question is not so challenging for them. Let me share with you a recent experience.
A new relder came into our facility and I asked - in converstion - did you have any hobbies, to which she replied no I have had a hip replacement, this made me realise that she hadn\'t computed the question but then went on to say, I know all about those because I was a nurse. I then said yes I was a nurse and found that gardening was a great releif for me after work, the reply was yes I love gardening, So you see what I mean, and in our facility also we try and engage the elders in normal household chores, asking them to help you out as it would be a great help becaue you are so busy. This way they feel useful .
Of course don\'t forget that what works one day may not work the next.
Now I have a question on programming, . coming up for accreditation how do you set a programme when everyone is so different , I do put subject to change and add individual
I would be interested to know how others faired when being accredited.

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