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Patty 26th Feb 2019 Recreation Day Program Assistant
I will be doing a program in March in a senior day program called Old Stuff Day. Has anyone ever done this? Any ideas I would welcome.
Clare 27th Feb 2019 Retired
We had a similar session, which went down well. We had items that we talked about and passed round, asked questions, what were they used for, the modern equivalent, did anyone use them in their jobs etc.Then we linked the item to songs, ie, an old iron to 'dashing away with the smoothing iron, or any old iron, accompanied with cockney accents and actions. Old bar of Lifebuoy,could they remember the advert, wooden pegs, "hanging out the washing on the Seigfried line". Old typewriter, I played the typewriter music and we all copied and played at secretaries. There seemed to be a song for each item. We had an old soldiers uniform and sang" oh soldier, soldier, won't you marry me" I had some pictures of old cars, cornflakes packets and they guessed what the items cost then and we discussed what they cost now. hope these help and it goes well.
Patty 28th Feb 2019 Recreation Day Program Assistant
This is great!! Thank you so much.

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