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Victoria 8th Mar 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
Hello, we have a new gentleman who is blind and likes to sing loud, a lot. It is very charming but he is driving many of our other residents a bit mad.
Does anyone have any suggestions to keep him occupied and happy please.

Susan 9th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Hi Victoria
Here are some ideas of other activities he may want to do
If he insists on singing have him sit near persons who are hard of hearing or with a volunteer
If he insists on being with the group kinly remind him that he is singing loudly and ask him to sing quietly
Lyn 18th Mar 2019 Retired
When children practice reading at school, one technique is to give them a "telephone" made of curved PVC pipe. One opening is held against ear, and the person reads (or in this case sings) into other opening placed near the mouth. Sound is amplified in ear, so child ends up whispering, and others are not disturbed. Might try it! My other thought is has your gentleman had his hearing checked?

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