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Ursula 16th Mar 2019 Registered Nurse, Wound Specialist
Hi Everyone,
I am looking for ideas for some of my residents whom have been involved professionally in the equestrian world their entire lives and are now limited to our care centre due to mobility etc. I can see and feel them pining for their world and really want to do activities which would be dear to them. Any ideas would be really appreciated ..
Lifestyle Coordinator 17th Mar 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi there Ursula I am in Australia so not sure if this will be relevant for you. Over here we have riding for the disabled which is a brilliant program, the facility has lots of very patient horses and lots of adaptations to ensure all abilities can have a memorable fulfilling ride one way or the other. Alternatively people are able to just pat horses, watch them act. If you could take your residents to a place like this or to a horse stable. Alternatively research equestrian places that may bring ponies to you for your residents to pat, groom etc not sure this is helpful, good luck.
juniper 19th Mar 2019 ota
Good morning Ursula, I'm from Australia too......I'm a therapy assistant in Country Western Australia. I have a lady who loves horses and remineces about her time riding ..... I took her to a friend's farm so she was able to feed the horses (carrots), pat the horses and generally be on the farm again. This worked really well, it was delightful to see the connection she had with the horses, I got some wonderful photos.
We also have riding for the disabled (mentioned in earlier comment) and depending on your person's condition/health maybe they could assist at a place like this even if to help put riders at ease....a win win situation.
Monique 19th Mar 2019
Hi Ursula,
Here is a link to a very successful program I did with our residents. I hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
Solange 20th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Ursula, you could try taking them on a field trip to visit a stable with some horses. You could also place a request on the local newspaper for a farmer or equestrian club to visit your facility with a horse or two. Either will delight and bring lots of smiles to your clients’ faces. Alternatively, you could pick a prestigious horse race somewhere in the world at a date that suits you to party. Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup, Pegasus World Cup, Singapore Gold Cup, Dubai World Cup. There would be so much scope for conversation and going down memory lane. Also, search for racehorse trivia for instance: Kentucky Derby Race is not open to any racehorse; to qualify the horse must accumulate points. The Dubai is the youngest horse race in the world and the richest. Melbourne Cup is going since 1861. It is a great subject for socialization.

Ursula 20th Mar 2019
Thank you so much!
Will definately put your suggestions to use and post some photos :)
Lynda 4th Apr 2019 Resident Experience Manager
I am not sure where you are, I am in Northumberland, but I took a lady horse riding; she is in a wheelchair. The staff were used to helping disabled children,so they had all the equipment, and while it took 3 staff members to support her onto the horse ( they stayed beside her all the time ) she loved it and you could see how proud she was as she rode around the arena ,it was brilliant. She could, if wanted to, go to tend to the horses as well.
We also have small ponies who can visit and friends with horses , whilst not insured to take any residents riding, can come into the car park and the residents can go out to them.
Nothing is impossible, hope you find something for your residents.

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