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Jan 30th Apr 2012 Activities coordinator
I have just spent the weekend making twiddle muffs from an old fleecy blanket, some wadding and nice material. I made a padded roll that the person can put their hands in, this feels soft, warm and comforting. Inside I sewed a small bag of bean bag beads so they can 'fiddle, one myff has a small squeezy ball inside a bag ( sewn inside) On the outside I have sewn ribbons, beads on ribbon, small tinkly bells, zips, toggles, buttoned velcro strips. I would post photos but not sure how to. I have been looking these up on the internet and the ones on offer are childish and not thought out. Plus they are very very expensive! I am taking two to work on Tuesday to try them out and will post back to let you know how I got on:)

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