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Jan 29th Jan 2013 Activities coordinator

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

Brilliant idea, I have lots of donated magazines in the home so will go and buy some scrapbooks tomorrow and get started on Thursday.
Jan 1st May 2012 Activities coordinator


can we upload photographs onto here?
Jan 30th Apr 2012 Activities coordinator


I have just spent the weekend making twiddle muffs from an old fleecy blanket, some wadding and nice material. I made a padded roll that the person can put their hands in, this feels soft, warm and comforting. Inside I sewed a small bag of bean bag beads so they can 'fiddle, one myff has a small squeezy ball inside a bag ( sewn inside) On the outside I have sewn ribbons, beads on ribbon, small tinkly bells, zips, toggles, buttoned velcro strips. I would post photos but not sure how to. I have been looking these up on the internet and the ones on offer are childish and not thought out. Plus they are very very expensive! I am taking two to work on Tuesday to try them out and will post back to let you know how I got on:)
Jan 18th Apr 2012 Activities coordinator

Volunteer's Handbook

I have just embarked on starting up a volunteers program. This handbook is a great idea and I will be adapting it for our home. So far i have volunteers coming in with their pets, a donkey, classic cars, poetry readings, singing, telling stories and just having chats... wonderful:)
Jan 7th Apr 2012 Activities coordinator


@catherine.... I run pottery and card making classes each week but have found it is the same group of residents that take part.This week I tried taking activities around to smaller groups for half an hour at a time. Everyone this week took part in various things and said they prefered this way of doing it. What type of activities do you do with your dementia residents.... jan
Jan 4th Apr 2012 Activities coordinator

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cant open as I dont have 'publisher' not every one does so this was the first form i tried with brand new membership and it does not work!