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Lisa 22nd Mar 2019 Activities for Seniors
I'm looking for ideas on how to use journals. I've thought of using a journal for personal information: called son on phone, got hair cut, went to store and bought new blouse, etc. I'd really like to incorporate journals into a game(s). Maybe have them bring their journals to the activity table and play a game. All ideas are welcome! THANK YOU!!
Susan 23rd Mar 2019 Activity Director
Here is an idea I really like from golden cares about gratitude journals
Going along with Gratitude is kindness and ways to practice it
Also residents can write down what they are thankful for
They can write their favorite thing about a particular topic such as their favorite flower in the spring and why they like this
Since residents may need help writing and expressing their thoughts you may have projects for the group to do as a whole so you can help each person individually
You can use stickers or have them draw simple things like rainbows or fireworks or just a simple design
I would not use the journals more than once a week
Also needed is a place to keep them so they don't get lost
But it's nice to share the residents thoughts with their family because often when families visit they do not know what to talk about and this could be just that
Lisa 25th Mar 2019 Activities for Seniors
Thank you Susan! Your ideas helped.

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