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Pam 2nd Apr 2019 Carer
I’m looking for ideas of things to do with my husband at home. He is middle stage Alzheimer’s. He never really has been interested in cards or board games so I’m not surprised that he’s not interested now!
He’s losing his ability to read and has lost all numbers/ time. We go out most days but I really do need to be able to spend some time at home!
Hope someone can help! Thanks
Susan 3rd Apr 2019 Activity Director
Hi Pam
It is very good of you to reach out for help
First I hope you would consider adult daycare that would be good for you and your loved one
Also contact your local Alzheimer's Association and join a support group
These are extremely helpful and worth your time
Have you tried music singing together you can get almost anything on YouTube and sing the songs together
What about reminiscing have you made a scrapbook or a photo album or do you have Photos on your phone that you can share with your love for him and let him tell you what he thinks
Never ask what or do you remember
Instead say tell me about
Remember feelings are the last thing to go so saying this makes me happy or sad or whatever and let your love One respond to that
What about doing a simple woodworking project or coloring mandala art is very good either coloring one in or creating one
Here are some helpful articles on golden Carers
Also some kind of exercise is very good
Here is a helpful article

You are lucky that your husband doesn't exhibit inappropriate behavior because that could be a real problem

Best of luck to you and bless you for all your hard work

Pam 3rd Apr 2019 Carer
Thanks for your help Susan, ill look into those things. It’s good to know there is support here x
Elisa 5th Apr 2019 Senior Activity Coordinator
Hi, I agree with Susan that looking into a day centre or respite service for your husband and a suport group for you is very important.
If you are in the UK I recommend assisting to a Dementia Cafe which are organised by Alzheimer's UK and are open to the wide public, they always have great information about local resources.
Regarding things to do with your husband, I would encourage both of you to do work around your life history and personal preferences.
A scrapbook of important events and people with photos and short captions, a box of objects that are meaningful or bring back good feelings and if your husband enjoys music, a playlist of favourite songs. This is usually an enjoyable long term project for everybody in the family and will be useful in the future to anybody who comes into contact with your husband.
I leave you two templates, one short one speciallydesigned to help heslthprofessionalzs
And this one from golden carers
I hope this helps
Susan 5th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Great advice Elisa
Thank you
Pam 5th Apr 2019 Carer
Thanks Elisa, I’ll make a start!.....I couldn’t open the link from Alzheimer’
Elisa 7th Apr 2019 Senior Activity Coordinator
Sorry, I copied the link incomplete.
This should work well.

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