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Nikunj 14th Apr 2019 Rehabilitation specialist
I am looking to receive details on activities that can be done with elderly suffering from complete sensory loss. (altered sensorium)

Susan 15th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Do you mean that they are almost in a coma ??
I find simple sensory stimulation to be good
Maybe you can do range of motion exercises while you talk to the resident if they can hear you
Nikunj 1st May 2019 Rehabilitation specialist
ROM exercises are conducted by PTs at the facility.
Thanks for sharing a link Susan .
Molly 6th May 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Nikunj, maybe light hand massages while playing soft music. If they are in a coma as Susan asked it probably is still beneficial to play soft music in the room or to talk with them even if they don't seem to respond.

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