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Mary 18th Apr 2019 Residence Manager
Hello all,
Im fairly new to this page but boy is it great! We try to put on some entertainment at least once a week for our residents. They love it and it lifts their spirits. Im wondering is there anywhere on this site that shares entertainers/musicians and the like? Or does anyone have any that could share?

Many thanks!
Susan 19th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I think it would be helpful to know the area you are from because entertainers will only travel so far
Also there may be volunteers at a church or a senior center who are willing to entertain at a low rate
We had several that were quite good and that saves money on your budget but I am not from your area
There are other free sources of entertainment in this article
Kelly 19th Apr 2019
We have a mother and toddler group come up a few times a year, and visits from the donkey sanctuary.
Susan 20th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Those are great ideas Kelly

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