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Lyn 29th Apr 2019 Student/Activities coordinater
I have 2 DVD’s of sing a long for the elderly, and would like a couple more, would anyone know of where to get them?
Lyn 30th Apr 2019 Student/Activities coordinater
I have found quite a few of them with Box and Dice, they are wonderfull, quick to deliver and also rang me to tell me they will combine the postage for all I bought.
Molly 6th May 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Golden Carers has a ton of great options, or we sometimes get them from activity catalogs.
Lyn 10th May 2019 Student/Activities coordinater
Thank you all, I found 2 lots from “Box and Dice” but 1 disk out of each will not work in anything that we have, I am sure they will replace them, but thank you for all your help. I knew I could get help from this sight, it’s great to have it.
Susan 10th May 2019 Activity Director
I am glad we could help you Lyn
Have fun singing with your residents

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