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Sarah 6th May 2019 Clinical Coordinator
Our CEO is interested in setting up a Facebook and Instagram page relating to our facility.
I was wondering who has ventured down this path and what guidelines you have in place relating to legalities etc.

I would like to go in with knowledge about pro's and cons please.

Look forward to your replies
Susan 7th May 2019 Activity Director
I personally did not set up a Facebook account or page but our facility did it and the marketing people were the ones who set it up

We would announce events that are coming up and triumps that occurred at our facility

You have to be able to monitor comments from family members

Also I would make it private so you can post things to the public that you want to

When you set up the account you can add a picture of your facility
Molly 7th May 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Sarah,

Social media is a great way to promote your care home and can do a wonderful job showing the general public all of the great things that happen there! I've seen these types of pages with both pictures of the residents and those who choose not to share pictures. Personally, if you have signed consents from the residents then adding images of residents in activities is a fun and engaging way to share your work.

Social media can be time-consuming though and should be done consistently to gain traction so I would suggest having someone who has the time to dedicate!
Susan 8th May 2019 Activity Director
You can also join the Golden Carers Facebook group and ask members of the group what they think and if any of them have a Facebook page or group for their facility

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