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Bianca 14th May 2019 Dog Walker
I wanted to inquire about pet therapy in Nursing homes. I have a little dog that I would like to bring into nursing homes for the residents to interact with. How do I take part and get my little pup ready for the visits? 
Thank you , 
Susan 15th May 2019 Activity Director
Thank you for your inquiry Bianca
This article on Golden Carers might be helpful to you
I would inquire at the nursing home you'd like to visit and ask what their requirements are
At the very least you will have to have a record of the dogs shots and Other veterinary information such as the latest check up
Also make sure the dogs nails are trimmed very well so he does not scratch any of the residents
Many older adults have fragile skin and even the slightest scratch can cause them to bleed so you must be careful
Thank you so much for wanting to do this
Molly 17th May 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Bianca, what a great idea! We always had to make sure shot records/vaccines were up to date and that we had a copy on site available at all times. As for the pup, maybe keep him on his/her leash the first few times until they get used to the smells/sounds of the nursing home.
Olwyn 18th May 2019 Diversional Therapist
I have been taking my Jack russellxShitsu called "Jackie chan" into the dementia unit/home where i work for 3 years now. He started visiting from 4 months of age. The night before is bathing, brushing, nail trim, face trim, etc. They love him visiting. I give him a good run before we enter the facility. He spends lunchtime out in the courtyard. He visits rooms and snoozes on the bed with those that have a meaningful role of "pet sitting for 30 minutes", or brushing the dog's coat. We stay a full day. The dog dresses up for the visits, in tie, or vest. He also has now learnt tricks do a little show. Sit, drop, commando crawl, play dead, roll over, dance, jump through a hoop, shake hands, and look for my phone!. Bonus he cleans up all the crumbs under the dining table. Of course, he is completely ruined for the outside world, believing his rightful place is up on beds, and on couches or lounge chairs, much to my friend's horror!
Susan 19th May 2019 Activity Director
you have a very cute dog
It is so nice that you bring this dog in to visit the residents I am sure they are very appreciative of it
Good work
I can tell you love your residents
Thank you for all you do

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