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Karen Cox 26th May 2019
Hi, I hoping to put on a Forget Me Not day at work, for all the individuals and staff. Looking for some ideas and things to put on display or to sell, for a small donation. Have one idea, a sing along, make up some song books and create a cd to use. Anything else would be a bonus. Thanjs
Susan 28th May 2019 Activity Director
How about autograph books proverb books Word searches ,here is a grid you or residents can use to make your own word searches
Also puzzle books or prayer books
Molly 5th Jun 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Karen,

Could you hold a raffle? We typically raffle off things like the front row parking spot, meal vouchers for the cafeteria, or an extended lunch break for staff at a $1 a ticket. We've also sold things like hand made arts and crafts by the residents or hand made knitted scarves for $5 a piece. I'm not sure if you have an independent living section, but we (skilled nursing) would always ask for hand-crafted donations to sell at our events.
Susan 5th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Molly these are great ideas too

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