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Teresa 27th May 2019 Activity Director
Toolkit Question: Is there a way to save all of your activities (like a list) and drag them onto the monthly calendar. I love to have a list to look at sometimes you forget all the great ideas you have had in the past, and to drag and drop to calendar would be a lifesaver.

I am loving the program so far, just started it yesterday. The reporting tool is going to be amazingly helpful.
Maurice 27th May 2019
Hi Teresa!

Lovely to hear Toolkit is working well for you :)

To clarify your request, are you asking for a way to keep track of miscellaneous activity ideas, and then be able to add them later? Or, are you wanting a way to save activities on Golden Carers, and then be able to reference those within Toolkit?

Teresa 29th May 2019 Activity Director
I’m looking for a way that when I login to do my calendar. My list of all my activities (like an index) just my index populated on the left and my calendar populates next to it. Then I can select which activity I want and drag it onto the calendar on the specific day I want it. I hope that makes sense. There was a program out years ago that did that and it was so nice to have that index to continue to build and refer back to. The simplicity of dragging and dropping into the calendar was awesome. Hope this makes sense.
Maurice 31st May 2019
Hi Teresa

Interesting idea thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it onto our team.

Have you tried the "Repeating" activities? It's helpful if you have activities that recur on a weekly/monthly basis as they can be set up to repeat automatically. Or do you have a very flexible schedule where you might change things on a weekly basis? In that case, I can see how a drag/drop list of your more common activities could be useful.

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