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Suellen 12th Jun 2019 AIN Previosly
I live in Queensland AU. I am considering re training in Diversional therapy or studying Diploma of Health and Leisure. I realise it is not exactly the topic here however I am unable to obtain a direct answer from anywhere else. Do those who are Lifestyle Co Ordinator's in the discussion group feel that 60 is too old to retrain in this area? I am hoping to gain some casual work at least at the end of the course. I have past experience as an AIN but have not worked now for 4 years. I realise I am a senior myself and just not certain if I would be employable at my age. Any advice appreciated. Sue
Susan 12th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Hi Sue
I realize I'm from the United States I started training as an occupational therapy assistant when I was 51
I worked as an activity director until I was 66 when I retired
I think you could do it The trick is to get hired
Some places discriminate against age even though they say they don't
I did hire some older people to work for me
As long as you are in good health and don't have any physical disabilities you probably can do it but you know best about yourself
Sheri 18th Jun 2019 PCAP/OTA
Suellen, You are never too old to learn hunni and many of the resident actually like an older person to assist with their activities as we have a lot of experience and knowledge in life, yet have that fun side to us. I work as an OTA ( occupational therapy assistant - thats what they are called in WA but in TAS was a diversional therapy assistant). I would look at going to some of the places you wish to be employed at and ask what qualifications you need as if you end up over qualified they won't want to pay you. Good places to look if you get your diploma are places like the MS society rather than aged care homes, and don't forget disability homes as well. Don't forget to ask about volunteering with a view to future employment.
Teri 18th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Sue, I studied Cert IV L&H in my early 50’s and love my job in lifestyle however I am now mid 50’s and doing Dip of Nursing, the oldest in my class is 70. Study & enjoy yourself!!
Lorraine 18th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator Riverside
I started training in my almost mid fifties. I am now well over 70 and still work in the field of activities. And mostly enjoy it. The book work I do not enjoy, technology and I do not get on very well. I love the Residents, some of whom I am older than. Keeps me going.
You are never too old to take on new adventures. Go for it. I am Australian too, by the way.
Susan 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Great feedback ladies
Molly 19th Jun 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Suellen, I echo everyone here. Age is never a factor in learning a new trade, especially in aging services! Activities are a great way to keep active, give back, and have fun! I think it is an excellent choice if you are interested. As for your concern about employable, I sure hope that it wouldn't be a factor - we just hired a recently retired school teacher, and she has brought so much to the team already. You might find this article I wrote on important points on your resume and interview process helpful
Susan 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director
The link Molly provided is very useful
I hope we helped you with your decision Sue
Suellen 20th Jun 2019 AIN Previosly
Thank you ladies for all the postive encouraging words. I had almost put aside the idea, now I feel more postive about possibilities.
Suellen 21st Jun 2019 AIN Previosly
There is one question I did not ask. Is the work of an activites or lifestlye worker heavy? I have cared for people in wheelchairs previously and know that can be heavy work depending on the person.
I do appreciate all the advice given it has been really helpful. Thank you
Susan 22nd Jun 2019 Activity Director
Usually you don’t have to do you have the work but there may be instances where it might be necessary
It depends on the group do you work with and the support staff that is available to you
Usually the care workers or CNA’s do the heavy work
There may be an emergency situation that requires you do some heavy lifting
However the trick is to keep a close eye on things to make sure this doesn’t happen
I am a small person and I manage just fine
Suellen 24th Jun 2019 AIN Previosly
Hi Susan, thank you for the feedback. Answers my question
as I am a small person also.

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