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Melanie 26th Jun 2019 Program Manager
Hey all! I'm in a private pay adult day care and we have recently been awarded some grant money to help lower income seniors afford respite care. I'm a little lost at how to determine who really has financial need. Does anyone have a sample form or some advice they can share?
Susan 26th Jun 2019 Activity Director
I assume your private pay daycare is nonprofit which is why you were able to get the grant
I do not have a form that you could use to determine that financial need
How detailed do you want to be ??

If someone has public insurance like Medicaid they probably are in financial need
You may want to buy something for the whole group
You may want to use the money to take field trips that everyone can enjoy
I had a grant for low income persons in the community
We did a telephone bingo and used the money from the grant to get a staff member to run this activity and we used The money to buy prizes

I guess it’s up to you how you want to do this but make sure that you will have positive outcomes so that you may get another grant next year

Good luck

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