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Angela 8th Jul 2019 Leisure And Lifestyle
Studying atm and one of the questions asks;
Care workers should have a detailed knowledge of the ways in which a variety of leisure and health activities can be facilitated. List six different types of leisure and recreation activity in which clients with complex needs might participate. Take into consideration a range of activities that would require different facilitation methods.
Susan 9th Jul 2019 Activity Director
The first activity that comes to mind is 1:1 visits
The Carer providing this can adapt the activity to meet the needs of the resident
Here is a helpful form to use on golden Carers
Here is another good article on golden Carers

The second activity that most can participate in is some kind of music activity
Here are some ideas on Golden Carers
Next I would think about sensory stimulation
Here is an article about that on golden Carers
You can do an activity that the resident used to enjoy with a facilitator to help them this person would do things that the resident cannot do anymore
Such as speak for the resident if he could not speak
There a good ideas from this article



You can use the ideas in these articles
As I said an individual facilitator may be necessary at any of the activities to help the residents enjoy them

You need to assess the needs of the person make the activities most meaningful

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