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Abigail 2nd Aug 2019 Dmentia Befriending Officer
Hello all,

I run a dementia befriending service. I am looking for a new tool to demonstrate that my service is beneficial to individuals with dementia. I need a questionnaire that I can complete with a service user at different periods and report on the difference with an improvement in their level of engagement and overall mood.

Thanks in advance
Susan 2nd Aug 2019 Activity Director
You can make a chart listing the activities that they engaged in their level of engagement and how it made them feel
You can use a form something like this suggested on golden Carers

Then you can decide which activities were successful and offer more activities like this
You can also use the tool kit offered by golden Carers if you want to do this on a computer
Charles 7th Aug 2019 Ra
I would love to know more about your dementia befriending service, I work as a ra at a dementia wing at a assistive living home in the u.s. always looking for ways to bring the new things to my residents. I am new here but not sure if it is ok but ..... heres my email, [email protected]. please tell me about your befriending service. i guess i have been acting as an activity director as I have been over all event planning for the last two years. Have had lots of success with bringing a divesre level of dementia residents together to take part in a wide varieties of activities. Would be happy to share my ideas that have work with you.
Susan 8th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Charles for being so concerned with your residents
I hope Abigail can help you

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