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Christopher 7th Aug 2019 Care Home Volunteer
Hi there, I work in a UK Care Home and we have one make resident who we cannot persuade to leave his room, except for the occasional haircut. He has all meals in his room and spends his days watching television. Has anyone else come across a similar situation? I would be really interested in any ideas for a solution to this and help the gentleman have a better quality of life, maybe?
Susan 8th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Yes we did have a resident like this
Here are some articles that may be helpful to you
the truth of the matter is that you may not be able to get the resident out of his room so then you have the option of doing 1 to 1 visits
In the end this person may not want company or do anything outside of his room
Just make sure you put this in the progress notes and in the care plan and state what you have tried to engage him

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