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Amberly 20th Aug 2019 Activities
Hello everyone I have been doing activities for 2 years and I've had my strong points and some weak points so I'm asking for any tips or ideas anyone can help with I work in a facility that has two units and Alzheimers and dementia unit what are some activities for the ones who have advanced dementia/Alzheimers
Susan 21st Aug 2019 Activity Director
Sensory stimulation is always a good idea you can have a group of residents sitting at the table but address each person individually and you could have things for people to do if they if you are not working with them
Such as coloring activities of daily living or work related activities such as folding towels or other things
Here are some ideas and goals and Carers

Music Is also a good idea
Here are some ideas on golden Carers
Alison 22nd Aug 2019 Activitycoordinator
I find the fundraising the biggest challenge. I think there should always be a budget. Activities co ordinator jobs are hard without the fundraising side.does anyone agree
Susan 22nd Aug 2019 Activity Director
Here are some fundraising ideas on golden Carers

If you are a non-profit Organization you may be able to get more donations

Don’t be afraid to ask local merchants for donations

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